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Roast Beef Hash Cups with Protein, and Necessary Carbs and Fats

The rutabaga is the secret in this recipe. It will lend a starchy and earthy taste which will work like a potato but deliver healthy and necessary carbohydrates instead.  The apple and orange will add a zesty flavor to balance the spices, creating a very savory hash bite.  These taste amazing when warm, or room temperature after defrosting from the freezer in time for your lunch break. Post-op patients must remember to add necessary carbs and fats on top of their protein, in order to…

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OMG Beef Crumble with Tomato Gravy, Bariatric Chewable Meat Meal, 9 grams protein per 4 ounce meal

This is my recipe for OMG Beef Crumble, named so because of how soft and easy it is to eat this.  I’m not kidding; this will melt in your mouth. Before you know it, you will be done with this portion.  There is almost no chewing involved, which makes this perfect for after weight loss surgery and the puree stages.   As a side note, I made it to Onederland today!  Meat Crumble: 8 oz Ground beef (20% fat) (36g,640c) 1 can condensed cream of…

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Refried Bean Beef Soup, 11 gram protein meal

This soup is thick with lovely textures and high in nutrients.   I like to add a tablespoon of avocado cubes into the soup, so you can freeze the cubes with the soup portions; It will not turn brown, so long as it is covered in liquid while freezing.  Ingredients:  4 Tablespoons Green Chili Peppers (10c) 1 medium tomato (1g, 22c) 1 small onion (1g, 20c) 8 oz Ground beef (20% fat) browned with ½ packet taco seasoning (36g, 640c) 1 (16 oz) Can refried beans (24g,…

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