Necessary Carbs and Fats for Post-Op Breakdown of Proteins

Post-op patients must remember to add necessary carbs and fats on top of their protein, in order to break down the protein with body fat rather than muscle mass.

You need carbs and fats to break down protein.
You need carbs and fats to break down protein.

If you had RNY gastric bypass weight loss surgery, then you are experiencing rapid weight loss like me.  This causes your body to burn the muscles instead of your fat.  At the end of this journey, you might find yourself at your goal weight, with a morbidly high body fat ratio.  This means that you are skinny but still at risk for stroke or heart disease.

In order to trick your body into burning fat rather than muscle, you should consider a workout routine with a personal trainer.  Additionally, focusing on your muscle-building nutritional intake will require added fats and carbs.  Although you will spend your day focusing on getting in your proteins first, you will need to keep in mind that the body must have fats and carbs to break down the protein. If you only eat protein, your body will consider it a negative calorie, and use muscle to break it down.   If you give your body the fats and carbs, it will break down the protein with it, and burn body fat instead of muscle.

With this in mind, my trainer recommended sweet potato and corn as a fabulous source of healthy carbohydrates. Additionally, I make sure to use olive oil and ingest at least half an avocado each day. These are healthy fats that post-op patient will need.   This gives me a balanced diet for post-op body fat burning with my workout routine.  Make sure your food intake resembles this balance:


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