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I had RNY gastric bypass weight loss surgery in June 2014. Prior to my surgery, I was determined to prepare meals in advance to satisfy my 60-80 gram requirements per day. As a student with a meager income, I had to find a way to make my food intake be as protein-rich as possible, and made from scratch to save me money. My total prep for six weeks of post-op food cost me $75. Unable to afford protein powders, I was amazed at how successful I was with my meal ideas. I hope you can enjoy these recipes and make weight loss surgery work for you, no matter your budget.

Gluten-Free, grain-free Scallion Pancakes made with SCD legal farmer cheese (DCCC)

Finally, my fantasies have come true! Here are gluten-Free, grain-free scallion pancakes made with SCD legal farmer cheese (DCCC), and no cauliflower. These are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Combine ingredients in a bowl, and form thick, thin, or large plat patties. Fry until golden. Yields about 2 dozen. You may freeze 3 per zip-lock bag and have a handy snack to enjoy–defrosts quickly in your purse. The eggs, oil, and almond flour serve as a binder, and the dryness in…

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SCD Yogurt in Instant Pot, 24 hour fermented lactose free

SCD yogurt has to be fermented for 24 hours to be SCD legal. In the process, the bacteria converts the lactose to digestive enzymes and protein. The amount of probiotics in SCD yogurt is estimated to be 50 times more than store-bought probiotics tablets. One spoonful in the early stages is enough to build a tolerance for this super powerful “medicine” in a cup. Personally, I find it easiest to prepare the yogurt in my 3 quart instant pot. [You know you love my videos,…

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instant pot onion soup vegan

Instant Pot Onion Soup – SCD Legal Gluten-Free Vegan

This recipe is for onion soup, legal for the SCD diet and other restrictions. It is entirely dairy free, grain free, gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan. I did not name it “French Onion Soup” because I won’t serve these in ramekins from the oven, or breadcrumbs. Here’s all the flavor of your favorite soup without the fluff. Done in less than 30 minutes. 1/4 cup oil 3 medium Spanish onions 5 bay leaves 3 cloves garlic ½ cup vinegar Salt, pepper, white pepper to taste *You…

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Horchata Morning Coffee, 10x less sugar than Starbucks

The well-known stereotype about weight loss surgery is that patients regain their weight by “drinking” Starbucks calories. While there is much truth to that, it is more important to think about what you can control. We are all capable of reading nutrition facts, and that knowledge will be your power. For example, a pumpkin spiced latte from Starbucks has about 50 grams of sugar. That equals to 12 teaspoons of sugar (4 grams per teaspoon). What can you do to get your fix at home…

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Oven Roasted Parmesan Crusted Asparagus

Asaparagus is a springtime garden vegetable most notable for being an excellent source of fiber, folate, vitamins A, C, E and K, as well as chromium, a trace mineral that enhances the ability of insulin to transport glucose from the bloodstream into cells.  Asparagus is also used for preventing stones in the kidney and bladder and anemia due to folic acid deficiency. Asparagus is a vegetable that pairs beautifully with fish, chicken, and as a standalone snack. Crusted with Parmesan cheese, you have added protein with your veggies. Directions: Preheat oven to 400 degrees Wash, and spread…

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Oral hydration Solution Electrolyte Drink

Necessity is the mother of inventions, and I finally found an oral hydration electrolyte drink recipe that keeps me hydrated! If you’re tired of spending money on low sugar gatorade, and don’t want to drink the chemicals, then try making an electrolyte drink yourself, using simple ingredients that you already have in your house. I made a type of lemonade recipe (with regular salt). I mixed in my favorite juice on top of the water (grapefruit juice). I’m happy to report that with the added…

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“Queer Eye” Roasted Cauliflower with Parsley Avocado Green Goddess Dip

Essential fats are so important for our brain. But for for bariatric patients, the ratio of fat to protein is critical. Up those fats, give your brain the food it needs, and prevent muscle wasting while  you lose weight. Cauliflower is an excellent source of Vitamin K, which keeps your bones healthy and also prevents losses in bone mineral density which could lead to osteoporosis. Post-op WLS patients must make sure to load up on these essential vitamins and minerals. This dish is so simple.…

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Salmon with Jewish Chrein dressing

Happiness is a freshly baked slice of salmon fish drowning in “chrayonnaise” – an evovled Jewish fusion food: beets, horseradish, and mayonnaise! Going, going, gone! What is chrein? The versatile beet condiment that is best when topping gefilte fish. The horseradish masks the fishy taste. Mixed with equal parts of mayonnaise, you have this gloriously colored dish that will help your fish go down. Making your own is super easy, and it freezes well for a year. Just peel and cook beets, and add raw…

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