Eucalyptus Oil on Zits and Post-WLS Acne

eucalyptusoilAfter weight loss surgery, my hormones began to fly up and down without warning. Suddenly, I began to look like a teenager again, both in size, and with the pimples on my face! I tried face washes and zinc vitamins. ultimately, I wanted something that would dry up the zits before they got to the point where I would want to pop them.

I read online about the virtues of eucalyptus oil, and it also happens to be my absolute favorite scent. I purchased a small $3 bottle, and was really surprised. The warning says that the oil is toxic and should not be swallowed. I carefully dabbed a tiny drop of oil on a soon-to-be zit spot on my chin. I applied it two more times that day. By the next morning, the inflamation vanished. This zit will never be born!

Hey, it’s only a $3 bottle, and it’s worth a shot, right?