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Mint Chocolate Sandwich Cakes, 17.7 grams protein, 326 calories

Looking for ideas for incorporating protein powder into your recipes?  Here’s a fabulous fool-proof and gluten-free recipe that will leave you drooling.  It’s time to party like you mean it! Ingredients: 1 Banana (1.3g,105c) 3 Eggs     (19g, 210c) 1 scoop unjury protein powder, unflavored or your favorite flavor (21g, 100c) 2 tablespoons olive oil (240c) 4 ounces unsweetened applesauce (50c) 4 ounces fine cornmeal (8g,355c) 2 ounces Torani Coffee Syrups, Sugar Free French Vanilla 3 Tablespoons Chia Seeds  (9g, 180c) ½ cup soymilk (5g, 70c)…

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Roast Beef Hash Cups with Protein, and Necessary Carbs and Fats

The rutabaga is the secret in this recipe. It will lend a starchy and earthy taste which will work like a potato but deliver healthy and necessary carbohydrates instead.  The apple and orange will add a zesty flavor to balance the spices, creating a very savory hash bite.  These taste amazing when warm, or room temperature after defrosting from the freezer in time for your lunch break. Post-op patients must remember to add necessary carbs and fats on top of their protein, in order to…

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