SCD Yogurt in Instant Pot, 24 hour fermented lactose free

Contraband yogurt on the airplane
Contraband yogurt on the airplane

SCD yogurt has to be fermented for 24 hours to be SCD legal. In the process, the bacteria converts the lactose to digestive enzymes and protein. The amount of probiotics in SCD yogurt is estimated to be 50 times more than store-bought probiotics tablets. One spoonful in the early stages is enough to build a tolerance for this super powerful “medicine” in a cup. Personally, I find it easiest to prepare the yogurt in my 3 quart instant pot. [You know you love my videos, so please subscribe to my channel! :)]

Yoghurt is considered a “full liquid” for those after surgery or compromised GI tract. Depending on the milk that you use, you can assume at last the following nutrition facts per cup:

Food              | Calories | Fat  | Carbohydrates | Protein
Whole Milk Yogurt | 149 cal | 8.0g | 11.4g         | 8.5g
Whole Milk        | 146 cal | 7.9g | 11.0g         | 7.9g

Video Instructions:


  • Simmer the milk (3 quarts) in a large pot until it reaches 180-degrees. Remove from stovetop.
  • Refrigerate until it cools to 80-degrees.
  • Pour into 3 quart instant pot.
  • Image result for 1/8 + 1/16 teaspoonAdd 1/2 cup legal yogurt starter, or 1/8+1/16th of GI Pro yogurt starter. Whisk well until mixed.
  • Press the YOGURT button on the 3 quart instant pot, and press the plus or minus until 24:00 appears on the display.
  • In a few seconds, a beep will be heard, signaling that the fermenting countdown has started.
  • Do not use the instant pot lid to cover the pot. Rather, use the lid from the large pot. The yogurt does not cook with pressure, so there is no reason to keep the pressure lid on.
  • After 24 hours, the 3 quart instant pot will beep and show YOGT on the display, signaling that your yogurt is done. Pour into storage jars and refrigerate. Your yogurt will stay fresh for at least a week.
Dannon Whole milk is the SCD legal yogurt starter that contains required strains and no pectin
Dannon Whole milk is the SCD legal yogurt starter that contains required strains and no pectin


Image result for gipro starter gi health
GI ProStart by GI ProHealth Inc. is a powdered starter that you keep refrigerated and on hand for at least 30 batches.



3 thoughts on “SCD Yogurt in Instant Pot, 24 hour fermented lactose free”

  1. Hello, thanks so much for your post. Recently I have ben experimenting with my instant pot, trying to make SCD yogurt. My first batch turned out great and tasted great but I was concerned about whether all the lactose had been cooked out. While making my second batch, I tested the temp several times through fermentation and it seemed to never get over 90 degrees. For SCD yogurt, it needs to ferment at 100 to 110 degrees. I’m just wondering which instant pot you have, and if you’ve ever tried testing the temp while the yogurt is cooking?

    1. I have not tested the temp after my first try. It was a bit under 100. There is a lot of discussion about this, and generally, people are doing fine with 80-100 in temp. Keep in mind that yogurt traditionally fermented in homes at room temperature.

      1. Yes. This. ^^^ It is more critical that you don’t over heat. I was pretty worried about it the first time, but my machine, over the first 12 hours I tracked it, would spike to around 112 when the element kicked in, and mainly ran in that 103-107 range.

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