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“The Sandwich” – flourless gluten-free protein powder bread, 20 grams protein, 262 calories

This sandwich relies on two slices of Cornmeal Cheddar Sandwich Bread which has 15 grams protein, 187 calories.  If you had RNY gastric bypass, then you should eat only half of the sandwich, and reserve the second half for the next day. It will tastes nearly as fresh the next day.  The lettuce is important, because it provides a watery and crunchy tool for chewing the deli. Ingredients: 2 slices of Cornmeal Cheddar Sandwich Bread (30g,374c) 2 ounces deli meat, or 2 thick slices (10g,90c) 2 teaspoons fat thousand island dressing (60c) 1/2 lettuce…

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Turkey Teriyaki Lunch Rolls, 17 grams protein, 115 calories

This will be extremely juicy and moist, and will be absolutely no problem to chew and swallow without drinking. You will be surprised how much the teriyaki makes the greek yogurt taste disappear and melt into an amazing dressing. One roll should suffice as a 4 ounce meal. Ingredients: 1 ounce greek yogurt  (3g,15c) 2 teaspoons Lawry’s Teriyaki with Pineapple (20c) 2 slices deli turkey breast  (14g,80c) 1 large lettuce leaf 2 thin red pepper strips (red and yellow) Prepare your sandwich roll: Mix the…

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Tomato Meat Pies – 20 grams protein,173 calories per 4 ounce meal

So moist, so chewable, so easy to make! Crumbles in your mouth. Are you tired of chewing restaurant meals? Make an exotic meal from scratch, and have it ready in advance by freezing these prepared slices raw and baking them in the oven as needed. It only took 40 minutes. Grams of protein are marked with a “g” followed by a “c” for calories. Meat mixture: ¼ shredded cheese (7g, 80c) 1 egg (6g, 70c) ½ cup Prego Meat Sauce (2g, 90c) 1 Lb. Turkey, Lean…

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