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Tomato Meat Pies – 20 grams protein,173 calories per 4 ounce meal

So moist, so chewable, so easy to make! Crumbles in your mouth. Are you tired of chewing restaurant meals? Make an exotic meal from scratch, and have it ready in advance by freezing these prepared slices raw and baking them in the oven as needed. It only took 40 minutes. Grams of protein are marked with a “g” followed by a “c” for calories. Meat mixture: ¼ shredded cheese (7g, 80c) 1 egg (6g, 70c) ½ cup Prego Meat Sauce (2g, 90c) 1 Lb. Turkey, Lean…

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Apple Cinnamon Fruit Cups

Pair with cottage cheese for a lean pre-op breakfast. Apple Cinnamon Fruit Cup Directions: Buy six large Cortland apples. Peel and core.  Chop in food processor with one teaspoon lemon juice, and one tablespoon cinnamon.  Store in 1/2 cup containers and freeze.  For breakfast, microwave one container for 1 1/2 minutes with the lid slightly open.  The apples will cook in its own juice, and you will have warm cinnamon apples for breakfast, all for just pennies. After your surgery, you can freeze the apple mixture…

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