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Jello Cheese Cups, 13 grams protein per 4 ounce serving

Looking for protein powder ideas? Combine with Jello and get rid of chalky drinks forever.  Turns to liquid in the mouth, so it might be okay to try this in the full liquids stage when protein shakes and yogurts are allowed. Ingredients:  1 cup soymilk (10g) 1 pack sugar-free jello, favorite flavor (4g) 1 serving protein powder (21g) ½ cup cottage cheese (10g) 1 serving Dannon Light-n-fit Greek Yogurt, favorite flavor (5.43 oz, 12g) Directions: Combine cheese, yogurt and protein powder and stir well until smooth.…

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Lemongrass Soy Crumbles in Marinara Cream Sauce, 15.5 grams protein for 4 oz meal

15.5 grams protein Meal: 2 ounces Lemongrass Soy Crumbles (11g) 1 ounce Marinara Cream Sauce (1g) 1 ounce shredded Cheese (3.5g) [skip if you are lactose intolerant] Recipe: Marinara Cream Sauce 4 oz 0% Greek yogurt (3*4=12g) 8 oz Pacific Ultra Soymilk (10g) Hunt’s Pasta Sauce Mushroom (24 oz can = 12g) Total 32 oz sauce = 34/32=1.0625 g per ounce of sauce    Lemongrass Soy Crumbles:  1 1/2 teaspoons Gourmet Garden Lemongrass paste ½ cup marinara cream sauce (recipe above) 1 tablespoon mustard two tablespoons soy sauce 1…

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