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Omega + C Orange Salmon Endives, 19.5 grams protein, 290 calories

The perfect winter lunch to pack in the nutrients and prevent the sniffles.  Endive is enriched with Vitamin A and ß-carotene, which have antioxidant properties. Carotenes convert to vitamin A inside the human body.  The orange delivers your vitamin C right in between the smoked salmon, which is high in omega fatty acids. All ingredients combined are sweet and moist, perfect for chewing. Ingredients: 2 ounces skinless boneless smoked salmon 4 Tablespoons Cream Cheese, with chives if possible ½ naval orange 4 endives slices Directions:…

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Popeye’s Fruit and Vegetable Smoothie, 2 grams protein, 157 calories per cup

“It will work if the change will motivate your tastes buds.” This is a very interesting quote from Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, the documentary about the value of juicing.  and explains how the smoothie must intrigue your sense of taste for your lifestyle changes to be permanent.  Since bypass, I’ve been able to explore new foods and be as daring as ever, keeping me motivated but also satisfied! For example, never in my life would I sit down to a bowl of kale. But…

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