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Thinking of chickening out? Don’t!

You will ROCK this! Today, I wore a size 10 outfit! I started at 258 lbs six months ago. Forget the people who have problems. They are the people who have problems with everything else… because they are not having brain surgery. They are only having gastric bypass, or sleeve, or the lap-band. If you disrespect your pouch, you will not benefit. If you commit to building a ‘relationship’ with this new tool, you will do phenomenally. I’ve never dumped, or had any ‘issues’. Just like those…

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Post-Op Weight Loss Surgery Success Timeline

After my RNY Bariatric weight loss surgery, the successes began to unfold exponentially. Here is my person timeline of weight loss, and #NSV (No-scale victories) in chronological order. 6/25/2014 – Day before surgery, 240 lbs, 18 lbs lost since starting the lean green and medifast pre-op diet. Size 3x is loose. 6/26/2014 – RNY bariatric weight loss surgery, started at 7:30 am, came to in recovery about 1:30 pm. 6/27/2014 – Post-op day one, was able to sleep three straight hours at night, and also take…

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Day before surgery

Today’s horoscope:  “It’s a good day to trim the fat — in a budget, from your diet or anywhere else that seems like it could use cutting. Excess is not a good thing for you, at least not now. Go for moderation!” Surgery tomorrow!  Clear liquids today. It’s hot and humid, with rain showers.  I’ll push myself to start on some chicken broth because I’m feeling the hunger pangs now at 2:00 pm. 4:30 pm – colon prep is starting to work, JUST before my…

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