Day before surgery

Today’s horoscope:  “It’s a good day to trim the fat — in a budget, from your diet or anywhere else that seems like it could use cutting. Excess is not a good thing for you, at least not now. Go for moderation!”

Surgery tomorrow!  Clear liquids today. It’s hot and humid, with rain showers.  I’ll push myself to start on some chicken broth because I’m feeling the hunger pangs now at 2:00 pm.

4:30 pm – colon prep is starting to work, JUST before my last student’s piano lesson. Groan.

5:40 – I am really grateful that my bowels held out until the end of the lesson. I am also grateful that the cleanse did not involve much cramping or tummy pain.  Small miracles.

I spent the rest of the evening double-checking my rolling bag to make sure that my list of what to take to the hospital was complete. Then, I took some pre-op photos in my underwear until I grossed myself out and took my surgical prep sterile shower, and went to bed.

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