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Cornmeal Oven-Baked Fish-Fry with Tzatziki Cucumber Salad, 21 grams protein, 190 calories

Sometimes, you just want to have those yummy hearty meals that hit the spot. This gluten-free recipe allows you to coat the fish with the spices and crumbs and bake in the oven for a low-fat dish.  Serve half of the fish with 2 ounces Tzatziki Cucumber Salad (recipe on the bottom of the page).  The salad is wet and spicy, perfect for helping the fish chewing process. Ingredients: 4 ounces cod fish fillet  (18g, 82c) ⅛ cup cornmeal (2g, 88c) ⅛ cup soymilk (1g,…

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Green Onion and Cucumber Lunch, 18 grams protein

Recipe submitted by: Debbie Stanislowski #NSV Smart Choices! I was craving chips, some kind of junk food, so THIS is what I opted for! Greek yogurt mixed with green onion dip and cucumber slices… Total protein 18 grams in this baby, and yummy for my pouch!         Variations: The night before, set aside two  GladWare Mini Round Food Storage Containers, 1/2 cup each. In one container, mix 3 ounces (9 grams protein) of greek yogurt with 1/2 teaspoon Wise Green Onion Dip Mix Packet (In your…

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