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Welcome to the Protein Artist website, a bariatric smorgasbord of recipes, menus, and personal weight loss journal for post-op weight loss surgery.

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Inspiration:  I had RNY gastric bypass weight loss surgery in June 2014.  Prior to my surgery, I was determined to prepare meals in advance to satisfy my 60-80 gram requirements per day.   As a student with a meager income, I had to find a way to make my food intake be as protein-rich as possible, and made from scratch to save me money. My total prep for six weeks of post-op food cost me $75.

Unable to afford protein powders, I was amazed at how successful I was with my meal ideas.  I hope you can enjoy these recipes and make weight loss surgery work for you, no matter your budget.

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  1. Fantastic love your recipes. I am 4 weeks out from gastric bypass and your recipes have given me so many ideas. Than you so much.

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