10 minute marinated-pickled beef flank steak in instant pot

10 minute marinated-pickled beef flank steak in the instant pot, with video recipe  below. Now, go buy some steak! This mouthwatering medium-rare meat will taste like pickled deli that has been marinating in brine. Realistically, a few simple paleo/gluten-free, and SCD legal ingredients were used:

1/2 onion, 1 lb premium angus flank steak, apple cider vinegar, salt, pepper, honey, 3 bay leaves.

  1. Five minutes of onion sauteed, plus ten minutes cooking time.
  2. I do not apologize for chewing in your ears!

Nutrition Facts for Angus Beef Flank:

Angus beef flank steak 4 oz 24 protein 0 Carbs 10 fat 200 calories

After cooking it, I was able to divide this one pound steak into three portions. I ate 1/3 fresh, and I cut the leftovers into thin strips. I will eat the strips tomorrow as cold deli, and try some inside a lettuce wrap.