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Necessary Carbs and Fats for Post-Op Breakdown of Proteins

Post-op patients must remember to add necessary carbs and fats on top of their protein, in order to break down the protein with body fat rather than muscle mass. If you had RNY gastric bypass weight loss surgery, then you are experiencing rapid weight loss like me.  This causes your body to burn the muscles instead of your fat.  At the end of this journey, you might find yourself at your goal weight, with a morbidly high body fat ratio.  This means that you are…

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Harvest Snaps Pea or Lentil Chips Snacks, 5 grams protein per ounce

These chips are absolutely perfect!  You get 5 grams of protein from every ounce.  Buy two flavors and mix.  Prepare mixed flavor packs in zip-lock bags for grab-n-go snacks or work/school/office lunch bags. Click here for purchase and nutritional information. Black Pepper snack bags Tomato Basil Wasabi Ranch Lentil Onion Thyme  (pictured) Lightly Salted (Original) Snapea Caesar  (pictured)

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MET-Rx – ISO 20 Gel Fruit Punch 100% Whey Isolate Protein Gel, 20 grams protein

This is a very interesting product.   It is a very strong fruit punch flavored clear gel in a pouch.  It tastes nothing like other chemical products. The gel melts in your mouth, making it perfect for post-op hospital clear liquid stages.  My surgeon approved it and I took it to the hospital. I squirted a bit into my mouth every hour, and was getting my protein intake right from the start. 20 grams protein per 4 ounce pouch, 0 fat, 0 sugar Click for…

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Hummus – Sabra Classic Hummus, 2oz Singles, 6 grams protein per serving.

Sabra Classic Hummus, 2oz Singles are perfectly sized portions are delicious in a meal with other foods.  Excellent for pairing with tuna salad (10g) for a 14 gram protein meal, or as a standalone 4 gram protein snack. Eat it with a baby spoon for a quick flavorful and salty craving fix. NUTRITION INFORMATION Serving Size1/4 Cup (57g) Serving per Container1 AMOUNT PER SERVING Calories150 Calories From Fat100 % Daily Value Total Fat11 g (17% DV) Saturated Fat1.5 g (8% DV) Trans Fat0 g Cholesterol0 mg (0% DV)…

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30 gram Premier Protein High Protein Shake, Chocolate Drink

I thought this was too good to be true.  30 grams of protein, creamy chocolate flavor, only 11 ounce drinks, and less than $3.00. I found these drinks at the local supermarket in a 4-pk.   These drinks do not have to be refrigerated until opened, but tastes best when chilled. Try It!  The Premier Protein High Protein Shake is available in Chocolate flavor as a  12-pack on Amazon at $2.66 per drink, and an 18-pack Premier Protein High Protein Shake at $2.49 per drink. Related PostsCarob Caramel Protein Shake88This is very…

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Pacific Soymilk with 10 grams protein per cup

Not all soymilk brands are the same. This particular brand has the most grams of protein per cup.  Pacific Natural Foods Organic Ultra Soy Non-Dairy Beverage, Original Unsweetened 32-ounce container is my preferred brand of soymilk.  This staple ingredients moves fast, so stock up!  Compare Pacific Soy-Milk Original: Milk has 1 gram of protein per ounce Almond milk has 1 gram protein per cup Other soymilk brands have 7-9 grams protein per cup Make sure you buy the light-blue “ULTRA” Soy version. Pacific Soy-Milk Original is available in…

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List of what to take to the hospital

suitcaseI highly suggest you keep you working document such as google docs ready and available to constantly add new items to your list of what to take to the hospital. You will get new ideas from others who have taken similiar journies, and you will want to write it down in one central place. Thanks to my google doc, I can now share the final list that worked for me.

To prepare for RNY Gastric Bypass, I knew I would be in the hospital for two nights and three days. I took the following items:

  • heating pad
  • baby wipes
  • aloe vera gel
  • ear buds
  • small leak-proof thermos
  • 4 oz measuring cup
  • 1 oz. shot glasses
  • Thin bathrobe
  • crocs
  • toiletries
  • Vaseline Lip Therapy
  • pajamas
  • fuzzy blanket

Yes, I took my heating pad. I knew from experience that it would take a doctor’s order and a day until the nurses would bring one to me.

I used the baby wipes to wet with warm water in the bathroom sink and wash up.  The aloe vera gel was purchased for itchy-burning sensation on stitches.  I ended up not using it until I returned home. Stitches typically begin to burn only after a few days.

My earbuds were never used, as I had no mental energy to listen to anything after the surgery.  I used the thermos for my own chicken broth which I brought with me.

I heated up one cup at a time using the microwave in the unit’s kitchen/utility room. By pouring it into the thermos, I was able to have warm broth for hours without having to keep taking a walk down the corridors.   The 4 oz measuring cup and the 1 oz. shot glasses were perfect for measuring and sipping per doctor’s instructions.   The day after surgery, I was allowed to begin drinking.  So I measured one ounce of broth into a shot glass, and drank that every hour. On day two, I began to drink two ounces every hour.

Heavy bathrobes are great fro the pool or after a shower. In a hospital, you want to have a thin bathrobe, nightie wrap, or long cardigan. The only purpose of it is not to warm you or dry you, but to cover up when you step out of bed with a hospital gown.

I am glad I took my crocs, because my feet were very swollen from the IV and water retention.   I mostly walked around with the non-slip hospital socks, but sometimes appreciated the support of the crocs.

I took my basic travel toiletries bag so that I had my hygiene products with me.  The hospital ended up bringing a bin full of toiletries to my room. I did not use it, because I am extra sensitive to perfumes in synthetic products.

For the rest of the day after the surgery, you will not be allowed to drink anything. Your mouth will get exceptionally dry and disgusting.  I used the Vaseline Lip Therapy to keep my lips moist. The nurses also provided sponge sticks to swap the insides of my mouth with ice water periodically. At first, it was like manna from heaven.  Later in the day, I only swabbed about once per hour.

When you prepare your pile of pajamas, make sure you bring tops and bottoms that are currently loose and big on you.  You will not be able to tolerate any pressure from the pajama pants waistband on your abdomen.  If the tops are loose, they will hang away from your body and not rub on your stitches or steri-strips.

Finally, I took my fuzzy blanket because it is thin but snugly warm.  After surgery, your body temperature will try to adjust.  Sometimes you will get the shivers, and sometimes you will just be sweating from heat.  It is helpful to have your own comfortable blankee that you know how to navigate without getting tangled in gloomy hospital sheets.


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