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Chicken Puree, 5.43 grams protein per 2 oz. servings

Ingredients: 2 Cups chicken cooked in soup [7*16=112g] 1 cup almond milk [1g] 2 cups clear chicken broth [6*2=12g] ½ cup  sauteed onions salt & pepper Directions: Cook chicken in soup, remove from pot.  Tear chicken away from bones, discard skin. Mix all ingredients in food processor until pureed. Yields: 23 2 oz. servings Chicken Puree, 5.43 grams protein per serving. Photograph of 10 gram protein meal: 2 oz portion Chicken Zucchini Souffle 2 oz portion Chicken Puree one disposable baby spoon. Related PostsTaco Meal Puree, 13 grams…

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Chopped Liver, 20.75 grams protein per 2 oz. serving

  Ingredients: 1 pack calf liver, broiled (3 slices)[3*80=240g] 1 cup sauteed onions 2 oz. 0% Greek Yogurt, 0% [2*4=8g] 1 cup Almond Milk [1g] Directions: Rinse and broil the liver on highest oven temperature for 10-15 minutes. Make sure to check that the edges do not burn.  Liver is broiled when the insides are no longer pink. Beat in food processor with the rest of ingredients until pureed. Yields: 12 2 oz. portions of pureed high protein meal. Serving Suggestion:  Serve with 2 ounces…

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Sauteed Onions

Sauteed onions are a basic flavor enhancer to pureed foods. Directions:  Chop six large onions in food processor. Add to crockpot with 1/4 cup oil. Cook for ten hours or until golden, stirring once per hour. After cooking the onions, drain the oil and mix in a food processor until smooth.  Add mixture to ice cube trays and freeze.  Each cube will be one ounce.  When frozen, pop cubes out and freeze in zip lock bags.  Cubes may be sliced into four parts for adding into…

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