Day Two, Leaving Hospital

I made history of being discharged four times in one day.  Nurse Maria drugged me against my will at 8:00 am.  She coerced me by saying, “we cannot discharge you without a pain mmanagementplan, you have to take this” and then shoved a double dose of narcotics into my mouth. I was pretty much kaput for 6 hours as I struggled to fight off the effects. I was in a dark bubble chained to the bed, unable to communicate, and unable to open my eyes – but could not sleep! So I was aware but not present. It was the most horrifying experience ever.

The worst was the dizziness, and I had to hold on to the bed railing because every breath felt like I would be thrown off a cliff. When I came to, nurse Maria said that I didn’t drink anything all morning, so she cancelled the discharge! I finally got home at 7:00 pm.  What a horrific day.  The car-ride home from the hospital was quite the trip, as we had to navigate at ten mph around potholes. Ouch!  Advice: Clutch a pillow to your abdomen for the drive home.

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