Day 3 Post-Op, First morning home

3 days post-op, just sat down to a cup of coffee, aaaaaaaah.  I still can’t believe I’m a “post-op girl”.  I’m looking into pharmacies here to see if I can get an abdominal binder, my guts are all over the place and really hurting.

Can’t wait for the skinny woman that lives inside my imagination to come out and play!

1:29 pm working through the pain today with obscene strengths.  Josie called to check in.  Phyllis came buy with yogurt and prescriptions. She also purchased an abdominal binder and velcroed it onto me.  I took the lortab painkiller, worked on 4 oz of broth, and look forward to trying to sleep soon.

I just woke up at 5:00  in shock that I slept for so long!  I really needed the rest.

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I thought it was Monday 5:00 am! I thought I slept for ten hours!)  I had my ‘morning coffee’ and took my blood pressure medications again!

Just hung up with poison control – the blood pressure pll is most concerning. Another reason to ‘don’t do drugs’! My pupils are dilated like a true druggie.  I feel like an incompetent imbecile not to be trusted alone. just going to be watchful now of my blood pressure symptoms.

Tomorrow, I want to have a shower, and prepare the jello and pudding for full-liquids day, and call the doctor to make sure the binder is okay to wear.

I finally went to sleep feeling weak and woozy.

When life gives me obstacles, I saw right through them with a chainsaw while screaming, “Look at me, life!”

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